Sample -- Valentine's Day

With Kissy-Poo Day quickly nearing

Elaborate plans filled my head;

Since Burger King triggers my heartburn,

You're stuck with this poem instead.

Your pecs and green eyes leave me helpless

But every romance has two faces:

You nearly burned down my abode,

Then proceeded to flood it to cover the bases.

You clean out my whiskey and bourbon

But compensate with a great meal;

Since deep-sixing ketchup-based chili

You're top-ranked for diner appeal.   

We've dated a third of our lifetimes

A skin graft could bind us no tighter;

A ring, on the other hand, maybe --

Diamonds make love burn 10% brighter.*

With every new day that elapses

My love for you grows more profuse:

I'll knit you a mountain of slippers

And shield you from ill-tempered moose.

*Study "Diamond ownership as it relates to general awesomeness," De Beers Inc., 2005

© 2008 Marla Landers-Renouf/Short-Order Verse