Framing and Calligraphy


If you'd like to give a poem as a gift, these services may be of interest (framing and calligraphy links are provided for reference only and do not constitute an endorsement by Short-Order Verse).


Nancy Rust Calligraphy

(also provides framing and layout of calligraphic text with images/designs)

Calligraphy by Jennifer

Letters With Expression (calligraphy and custom framing)

Annie Cicale Design (calligraphy and illustration)

Cheryl Dyer Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

McDarlin's Calligraphy (calligraphy with illustration and framing)

Documents and Designs




HeavenScent Candles

Birch Bark Handmade Soap

Adam Graham Photography

heavenly flower ~ fleur de paradis

Mack Hill Farm




Citizens Energy

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