Because you can't always say it with bacon.

Need to make a statement but aren't the wordy type?

Order up a custom poem to get the job done!

From holiday letters to wedding toasts to birthdays, what interaction or occasion wouldn't be improved by a personalized poem? You provide the ingredients -- the occasion, basic message and the lowdown on the characters involved -- and Short-Order Verse transforms them into a perfectly seasoned, hot-off-the-grill word creation.

Standard poems average 20-24 lines, but requests for longer or shorter specialty pieces are welcome. Take a look at some samples to see what you're missing!

News and updates

Sept. 2nd, 2008 -- Short-Order Verse was featured on CBC Radio Halifax's Information Morning. Here are a few lines written specifically for the interview:

With dawn's brilliant crack barely mustered

Inquiring minds that must know

Hustle their radio dials

To Don and Elizabeth's show.

They dish all the news that's worth hearing

And keep their vast public aware

Of everything moving and shaking,

The steamiest scoop fit to share.

August 21st, 2008 -- An article on Short-Order Verse appears on NovaNewsNow.com.

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