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In hindsight it seems fitting

That with Valentine’s Day near

Minerva met the world

In vibrant pink from hoof to ear.

Known to friends as “Minnie,”

She’s renowned at Mack Hill Farm

For her bottle-fed beginnings

And pervasive porcine charm.

Her every move is followed

By the barnyard sows and hogs

Who grant her mythic status 

As “The pig who runs with dogs.”

While human pals are sleeping

Minnie rallies farmyard friends

To play a round of horseshoes

And concoct her compost blend.

A touch of Minnie’s Magic

Helps dull plants to come alive --

This witches’ brew of barnyard poo

Will make your garden thrive!

© 2008 Marla Landers-Renouf/Short-Order Verse