Sample -- Holiday letter

Gingerbread Frankensteins cool on a rack;
Snowmen amass and conspire to attack.
Thoughts turn to cherished ones, close and away
And this Christmas epistle to you we relay.


Some heartwarming stills from the year soon completed
To picture and ponder, wherever you're seated:
Seasoned from travel with work at its nexus,
Eric starts drafting “The Tacos of Texas.”

A nephew called Phillip debuts to acclaim;
The Sox take the pennant in four thrilling games.

In two-thousand-seven the mountain we tackled
Was taking our status from single to shackled;
A day was selected, a wedding took shape
And then died of disgust in a sea of red tape.
All that remains of a wedding, undone
Are pink buttercream nightmares and tulle by the ton
Plus a couple of T-shirts inscribed with the date
Of our first un-iversary, June 9th ’08.


But somehow, despite prospects sorely diminished
We found ourselves partnered before the year finished!
Having finally wrangled some documentation,
A bride and her cats set their course for Bush Nation.
The kittycat children were less than impressed
When their caretaker's plane headed east, and theirs west.
An unchaperoned sidetrip to Calgary ended,
A wedding in Wolfville was duly attended.
The headlines gave rise to a Trina/Matt scandal:
“Miss Pre-Teen New Hampshire Out-Marries Her Handle!”
A mere two weeks later our futures were sealed
With vows and rings traded in Robert Frost's field.


Our new life plays out on a colorful stage;
The cats keep things rolling for minimum wage.
Our backdrop is Wal-Mart, our soundtrack the beat
Of the neighbor’s drum circle on endless repeat.

For friends and relations within the same county
Or distant, we wish you a holiday bounty
Of seasonal treasures, of twinkle and glitter
And rivers of eggnog on nights brisk and bitter.


© 2007 Marla Landers-Renouf/Short-Order Verse