Sample -- 60th birthday  


In the annals of time
Few events changed the earth
Like the talk of July '45 --
Donna's birth.


In time she matured, married,
Mothered twice over;
Cedar Hill became home
For this East-Coast-born rover.


We know her and love her
And laugh loud and long
At the things that set Donna
Apart from the throng:


Unpacking a suitcase
Could take her a year;
She likes her men short,
Her Clamato with beer.


Her so-called “retirement plans”
Are pure fiction;
She works just to finance
Her travel addiction.


Community spirit
And youthful good looks
Make Nana Banana
A star in our books.


From Luke, Beth, Patricia,
The grandkids and Abby --
Here's hoping your 60th year
Ain't too shabby!


© 2005 Marla Landers-Renouf/Short-Order Verse